I had always wanted a Mastiff and the time was right in our lives 
to add a "Gentle Giant" to our household.  John and I got our start 
in the Mastiff world in 2005 with our girl Jaclyn.  I knew something 
was different about Jaclyn's hair length but didn't learn she was a 
"fluffy" until she was 11 months old.   

Since then a few more Mastiffs have come to live at Stargazer.  
All our dogs are raised in the home and are a part of our family.   
We started showing in the conformation ring in 2006 when Buster 
turned 6 months old and both of us really enjoy showing our gang.   

If you are considering adding a Mastiff to your household, please 
research the breed.  They are not a breed for everyone.  
They drool and shed making it impossible to keep your home spotless.  
Take the time to meet several Mastiffs in person and visit a few 
Breeders in your area and attend an AKC Dog Show.  This breed 
can be very expensive to maintain due to their size.   Food, medication and Vet costs are considerably more for a Mastiff than they are for the average-sized dog.  Health testing for Mastiffs is extremely important and all our breeding stock will reflect this.

If you determine the Mastiff is right for you and your family, they are a wonderful breed with a gentle nature and make wonderful companions.

I hope you enjoy our website and come back to visit regularly as it is constantly being updated.

John & Teresa Emerson
Granville, Ohio

e-mail: temerson1215@columbus.rr.com

Welcome to Stargazer Mastiffs
John and I are members of the Mastiff Club of America and 
the Licking River Kennel Club
Teresa also does volunteer work with Mastiff to Mutts 

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The gang enjoying cool weather!
September 6th, 2010
Jo-Jo (top), Jaclyn (middle) and Buster (bottom) lounging in the back yard enjoying the sun and cooler weather

September 12th, 2010
Rigleigh (left) and Hoss (right)

4 months old
Hoss (left) and Rigleigh (right)
9 months old
Stargazer Mastiffs
Jaclyn, Hoss (holding his football), Buster, Jo-Jo and Rigleigh watching the neighbor 
Willa, Woody and Lexi playing in the snow
Lexi (top), Buster (middle) and Jaclyn (bottom).  All have crossed to the Rainbow Bridge but they will never be forgotten!!
Photo taken September 6, 2010
Samantha & her daddy, Waylan, visited Santa Paws on December 10th, 2016.  Samantha is 14 months old and Waylan is 5 years old in this photo
Nothing better than the old girl Rigleigh making herself comfortable in bed after mom and dad get up!!  Rigleigh turned 9 years old on February 6th, 2019.
Sweet dreams baby girl!!