Hope X Diesel Puppies
April 8th, 2017

Hope and Diesel blessed us with 5 beautiful puppies..1 brindle boy, 2 brindle girls and 2 fawn boys!!
Preparing to leave the Vet's Office.  Top to bottom- Peanut, fawn male, 2 brindle girls and fawn male
First picture after arriving home!!  Red collar is Peanut, Yellow collar is Hannah, Light Blue collar is Tucker, White Ccllar is Harper and Navy Blue collar is Troy
Bellies full and sleeping!!  
Peanut on his back, Harper wearing white collar, Tucker, Hannah wearing yellow collar and Troy
Stargazer's Peanut Butter Cup  
One week old!!! 
  Left to right - Harper, Troy, Peanut, Tucker and Hannah
Exploring his backyard!!
Meeting his sister and brother!!
​Peanut is loved by the Mason family and lives in the Washington D.C. area
Peanut is one spoiled boy....but that's a good thing!!
Hope thought getting on the couch would save her from her puppies
Left to right...Tucker, Harper, Peanut, Hannah and Troy
Peanut LOVES his monkey
10 weeks old!!
Peanut enjoying a carrot
12 weeks old
Stargazer's Tuck For The Win
Tucker is loved by the Zomoida family and lives in the Baltimore area
Perched on his Aunt Sam's shoulder on his way to his forever home!!!
Enjoying his yard!!
Poor baby fell asleep in his food bowl!!
He likes water just like his momma!!
Riding shotgun to the Vet
Handsome 12 week old boy!!
Peanut won't fit in his momma's lap for much longer LOL
He LOVES to ride shotgun!!
July 10th, 2017
Looks like he likes his bed and he's sharing with his toys!!
July 15, 2017