Jo-Jo was a beautiful puppy.  She was born 3 weeks after Teresa's father passed away and she is named after him.  Jo-Jo took the show ring by storm, pointing out at 10 1/2 months old.   Jo-Jo is full of attitute and spunt!!  

We attended our 1st Mastiff Specialty in May of 2008 at Crystal Lake, Illinois.  We had a wonderful time and met quite a few people and saw GREAT Mastiffs.  We are pleased to announce that Jo-Jo placed 3rd in the American Bred Bitch Class!!  
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A special thanks to Marti for these wonderful photos of Jo-Jo in  the show ring!!
Indianapolis, Indiana
February 2008
 Jo-Jo has had quite a show career-20 AKC Points (all but 2 of those points with Teresa handling);  placing 3rd in the 6-9 Month Class (handled by Teresa) at Trenton, NJ in May of 2007 and 3rd in American Bred Class (handled by Teresa) at the 2008 Mastiff Specialty at 20 months old.  Teresa and Jo-Jo have a wonderful time in the ring!!  
Jo-Jo visited "Santa Paws" on December 13th, 2008
 27 months old
    Bedroc's Jo-Jo Starz In The Sky
Jo-Jo's 1st Point
Columbus, Ohio 
April 2007
Jo-Jo's 1st 2 Point Win
Columbus, Ohio
April 2007
Relaxing at the camper after showing at Bucks County, PA
May 2007
Bucks County, PA
May 2007
Playing in the snow
Winter 2008


                                                                                    Jericho Iron Chief War Lionlic
                                               CH Albert Hunter of Jericho CGC
                                                                                    Lady Tigress of Jericho                                     
CH Bedrock Gemcut Set in Stone
                                                                                    Monarch's Black Sun Rising                                                                                                           
                                               Windfalls Faceted Ruby CGC TDI
                                                                                     CH Windfalls Golli Miss Molli CGC TDI                                                                                  

                                                                                     Leatherwood's Fido

                                                Sir Max of Thorn

                                                                                     Leatherwood's Trixy

Ms Macy of Scotts

                                                                                     J and S Kennels Mr. BojangoBear

                                                J and S's I'll Razzle N Dazzle

                                                                                     RR and J and S Sarah Jane Bear
Jo-Jo sleeping with her favorite toy
Jo-Jo trying to give Hoss a kiss!!
Jo-Jo is just over 4 years old in this photo and Hoss is 7 months old
And, yes, Hoss is bigger than his mommy!!
This is one of my favorite pictures of Jo-Jo
She loves playing in the ornamental grass
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Our precious Jo-Jo turned 7 years old on August 31st, 2013.  She's a little grey and a little chubby but she's still our Jo-Jo!!
Me and My Jo-Jo
November 17th, 2013
Double click August 31st, 2006  -  December 7th, 2013
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I truly didn't think I would be writing the final chapter of my Jo-Jo's life this soon.   I remember vividly that Thursday night (August 31st, 2006) when we got the call around 6PM that Jo-Jo's momma was in labor and on the way to the Vet.  John said we didn't need to hurry because we were much closer to the Vet but when we got on the freeway, I looked at the speedometer and he was going 80MPH!!   I just grinned--he was as excited as I was.  We got to witness Jo-Jo's birth but didn't get to see her again until she was 4 weeks old and we went to visit every week until we brought her home at 8 weeks of age.  Jo took the show ring by storm AFTER her 1st show.  John thought he was going to have to pick me up off the floor our 1st show because she kept cutting in front of me and acting like she had no idea what to do!  LOL  All she needed by the time she reached 9 1/2 month old were her majors but we were never able to get those.  She ended her show career with 20 points but no title.  However, she was a Champion to me!  On February 6th, 2010, she blessed us with 7 beautiful puppies.  That was our first litter and they are VERY special to us!!   After that Jo was a couch potato.  In June of 2013, we had her Senior wellness check up and they found her kidney levels were slightly elevated.   Then in October of 2013, she was bitten by a spider and spent 5 days at the Vet.  While there they found her kidney levels had risen and she was in kidney failure.  We did everything we could but it was a downhill battle.   She wasn't acting herself on Tuesday, December 5th so I rushed her to the Vet.  They gave her IV fluids hoping that would help.  Unfortunately, her levels had significantly risen and we had to make the best decision for her.  On Saturday, December 7th, 2013, we said our final goodbyes and Jo-Jo crossed to the Rainbow Bridge. 
 I love you Jo-Jo and we will be together again!!