6 weeks
Wyla reminds me so much of her momma, Lexi!!

Stargazer's Will
Will (formerly Red Boy) lives in Kentucky and is loved by Jerry, Natalie and Brandon Ford and his 4 legged Saint Bernard sister, Josie.  He has a huge extended family who adore him.  Here Will is napping with Grandpa Harold.
Josie and Will relaxing on the front porch with their "dad" Jerry
Will and I visiting
We get to see Will quite frequently  when he visits his Grandma & Grandpa who live next door to us
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Sassy (formerly Light Blue Girl and Princess) the day she was leaving to go to her new home with the Smiths in Mechanicsburg, Ohio
May 2011
Me and Sassy 10-15-2011
Me and Sassy 10-13-2012
Sassy's house is right on the way to the dog show in Urbana, Ohio so we stop by each year for a visit.  Sassy is really happy to see us when we go for a visit and we love visiting with her and her family.  Sassy has a Mastiff brother, Camo, who she loves to play with.  
02/072011 - 07/20/2014
The Stargazer family lost a wonderful boy!!  
Rest in Peace sweet Brodey!!  

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Asleep in his food bowl

Brodey  (formerly Light Blue boy)is owned and loved by the Stewart family of Tennessee.  Here he is playing in his yard shortly after leaving our house
Lexi watching her babies playing.  
Willa is standing and Brodey is laying down.  
Brodey and his family were traveling to Michigan for a vacation and we met them in the Dayton area.  Brodey and Willa are a little over 8 months old in this picture.

Brodey with his 1st Birthday treat sent by momma Lexi and Grandma and Grandpa Emerson
Wendi (formerly Yellow girl) lives with and is loved by the Zulla family of New Jersey
Wendi opening her 1 year Birthday gift from momma, Lexi and Grandma and Grandpa Emerson
Henry  (formerly White boy) is loved by the Caldwell family of Rhode Island.  Here Henry is watching Westminister 
February 2012
Wyla playing in the snow
Wyla making snow angels!!
I think her "brother" Ted E thinks she's crazy to be rolling in the snow!!
The stunning Wendi playing at the beach.  Isn't she a beauty!!!!
January 16, 2013
(3 weeks and 1 day shy of 2 years old)
Sassy relaxing in the sun

Wyla trying to find that darned dog that keeps barking

Wendi sitting on her momma's lap!!
August 2013

Brodey coaching his sister, Baylee, at pitching.  He calls himself the "The Enforcer" because he enforces penalties if she messes up!!    

The beautiful Sassy

In November of 2013, Willa went to live with the Pressnell's of Connecticut.  She was not receiving the attention that she deserved living with us.  Jon, Leslie and Audrey were looking for a wonderful Mastiff to complete their family after losing 2 rescue Mastiffs within 10 month of each other.  They came to visit and fell in love with Willa.  Willa is now living a wonderful life receiving all the attention and love any dog could ask for!!
Willa and her new best friend Audrey
Willa's mom (above) and dad (below).  Guess she thinks they make really good pillows!!
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Henry has a surprise Birthday card waiting for him when he wakes up!!
February 5, 2014 
 (2 days shy of 3 years old)
Sassy on her 3rd Birthday
A few days after his 3rd Birthday!!  Look at that topline and angles!!  Stunning boy!!

Brodey enjoying the campfire while camping with his family
July 3rd, 2014
I wonder what Willa and Audrey see??
July 6th, 2014
Willa and her girls lounging on the couch
July 13, 2014

Me and Sassy 
October 12, 2014
I think she was happy to see me  LOL here to add text.
Wendi playing in the snow with her Jolly ball
January 29, 2015

Audrey & Willa are Best Friends Forever!!
December 28, 2014
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Willa enjoying the Spring weather
April 26th, 2015
Willa all ready for Trick or Treat!!  Don't you just love her tutu??  
October 31, 2015
The handsome Will
I think he looks so much like his momma, Lexi
January 7, 2016
02/07/2011 - 12/23/2016
The Stargazer family lost a wonderful girl!!
Rest in Peace baby girl!!
Our last visit with Sassy on October 15, 2016.  Unfortunately, it was also our last visit with her owner, Sharon Smith, who passed away on January 3rd, 2017.  Sharon was a great woman and loved her 4 legged kids enormously!!  RIP Sharon...we will meet again!!
Brodey's owner, Jason Stewart, passed away on December 31st, 2016.   There wasn't a day that went by that Jason didn't think about Brodey!!  
RIP Jason...you are truly missed!!